Men's Disaster Relief

2009 Mission Trip to Neosho, MO

    The mission team returned last evening from Neosho.  The Hartsburg group included:  Orion Beckmeyer, David Reeder, Benny Jestis, Jimmy Brune (from Hartsburg by way of Dallas, TX) and Biff Barner.  We were joined by the Jefferson City team of Larry Long, Carl Ernst, Cliff Keeler and Dennis Keubler.  We worked for a family who had been living in two rooms since the tornado of May 10, 2008.  Living in the home was an elderly woman and her disabled adult son.  Her other son had completed basic repairs to the home, but was unable to finish the damaged areas because they simply did not have the money nor the help to do so.
    Carol Nutt, our local coordinator at Neosho, managed to scrape up some funds that allowed us to complete the interior framing, insulate the home, wire the new rooms, put up sheetrock, hang the doors, tape and mud the rock and put siding on the home.
    Your generosity and the generosity of others throughout central Missouri and beyond allowed us to purchase and install a new heating system for the home.  When we left, the house was toasty and warm and ready for winter which happened to arrive in earnest as we worked on Sunday!  Nothing like putting siding on in the snow!
    It was  a good trip.  Thank you to Peace for your commitment to this ministry that touches the lives of so many.
    Joy and Peace to each of you this Holiday season.
                                   Biff Barner