Food Resource Bank

Since 2002, Peace United Church of Christ has partnerd with St. Andrew's  Lutheran Church  ECLA in Columbia in the Food Resource Bank program.  We have farmed as many as 60 acres a year, with the proceeds going to support the projects of the FRB.  Frb provides seeds, tools, fertilizer, and education about composting, raised beds, drip irrigation, wells, proper harvesting and storage.  It often partners with other in-country projects which provide leadership and workers.  FRB is interdenominational in that over 11 denominations participate in projects in over 15 countries. 

In 2006, we raised over $19,000 for the FRB.  This was through a combination of "city people" monetary contributions and "farm people" contributions of land, equipment and labor, and "corporate" contributions of seed and fertilizer.

About the Foods Resource Bank

Foods Resource Bank (FRB) works on behalf of its member organizations - 15 of the mainline Christian denominations or their agencies - to mobilize and increase the resources needed to support smallholder, agricultural food security programs in some of the world's poorest villages. In the U.S., community "growing projects" raise a crop or other marketable resource, monetize it, and make the proceeds available to FRB. These financial resources are provided to the member organizations of FRB, who work with their in-country partners worldwide to help local communities to become self-sufficient and food-secure, producing enough to feed themselves and vulnerable individuals (AIDS orphans, the elderly, women and children), with extra to share, barter or sell to purchase basic medicines and staples, and send ALL their children to school.

All FRB assistance is provided in accordance with the principles of the International Humanitarian Code of Conduct.



Foods Resource Bank's goal is to engage the grassroots agricultural community in the U.S., along with individuals, churches and urban communities, to grow solutions to hunger problems in our world.

FRB seeks to participate in helping to alleviate hunger throughout our world by working to establish food security through sustainable development activities. Food security is achieved "when all persons at all times have the physical and economic access to enough food to provide the nutrients they need for productive, active and healthy lives."


FRB helps to achieve this mission by:

· Forming a coalition in the U.S. of mission-minded farmers, along with agricultural business people supported monetarily by caring individuals, churches, and communities.
· Developing and carrying out plans to produce and provide an effective supply of new resources to be used for food security programs in the developing world, proposed to FRB by its member organizations and consummated through proven in-country partners.


Resources are derived from the sale of donations of agricultural or food commodities through:

· Farmer/community growing projects
· Gifts of grain from individual farms
· Other church/community fundraising efforts