Peace UCC Mission Statement:
Peace UCC is a community of faith that seeks to follow the teachings of Jesus by loving God and loving our neighbor.
Peace UCC Vision Statement:
Peace UCC attempts to be:  People Excelling At Christian Endeavors.


      Located in the village of Hartsburg, Missouri, Peace United Church of Christ offers the best of all worlds.  We are a warm, caring, open community where you will immediately feel at home.  You will be invited to our many community meals, and you will share worship with an intimate community of faith.  Your children will be valued as individuals and taught the stories of our faith in an exciting Sunday School program.  We will share your joys and concerns.

       In ways we are a traditional church, but we embrace diverstiy of ideas.  We are part of the United Church of Christ, which is a free church.  This means there is no test of faith for members.  We trust each individual to work out their own relationship with God, and to formulate their own beliefs.  However, we provide a faith-filled community to support each individual in their spiritual growth.           

     Our youth are active in all areas of church life.  They usher, sing in the choir, run the sound system and projectors, lead worship, and volunteer at church and community functions.  They have been on mission trips to Joplin, Denver, San Antonio, Orlando, and St. Louis.  We are proud of our youth, who are such a vibrant part of our church community and mission.    

     Children of all ages are welcome in worship at Peace UCC.  Our community would not be complete without them.  They are learning to be Christians and also teaching us about the faith.  Peace UCC is a great place to grow up.

        Our Men's Disaster Relief Mission travels twice a year to help people rebuild after natural disasters.  They have been to the gulf to help with Hurricane Katrina, and to the Boot Heel to help tornado survivors.

       We would love to welcome you as part of our faith community.  Please join us on Sunday at 10:00am for worship, or at 9:00am for Sunday School.  No matter who you are; no matter where you are on life's journey, you are welcome at Peace United Church of Christ.
        May God's peace be with you!

Peace UCC
P.O. Box 19
121 N. First Street
Hartsburg, MO 65039
Worship Sundays, 10:00am
Sunday School 9:00am

Rev. Collette Jones, Interim Pastor


Peace UCC Hartsburg, Missouri, is part of the United Church of Christ

and of the Missouri Mid-South Conference, UCC

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